Curriculum vitae
  • 1973 born in Bremen/Germany
  • 1974 first drawings
  • grown up in Braunschweig, Rüsselsheim and Wolfsburg
  • 1992 illustrations for an ornithological book, 210 bird vignettes
  • Abitur in Wolfsburg, moved to Braunschweig
  • 1993 begin of studies at braunschweig school of arts, graphic design
  • 1994 illustrations for a book about local legends and fairy tales
  • 1996 intermediate exam (typeface design)
  • until 1997 design (typesetting, layout and illustration) of further books
    illustrations for »The EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds« (GB, 1997)
  • layout for a new monthly newspaper in Braunschweig (brunsweek)
  • cartoons for brunsweek
  • 1997 foundation of gerebydesign
  • 1997-1999 design and typesetting for a touristic magazine about Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, interface and icon design for software applications, re-design of the quarterly science magazine Carolo-Wilhelmina (Technical University Braunschweig)
  • since 2001 web and interface design as a freelancer for Hinz & Kunst in Braunschweig
  • 2000-2002 illustrations for Ravensburger Buchverlag (detective novels for young readers)
  • 2002 interface design and gameplay concept for a computer game »HEROS«
  • 2003 Diploma – demo of an interactive "comicbook" (illustration, design, story, music)
  • currently working on several illustration and design projects.
foto: matthias langer